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Lab Shakers are used in laboratories as a method of mixing compounds. There are a multitude of different types of shakers that exist in the lab industry. Just a few of these types are: orbital shakers, rotisserie shakers, incubator shakers, rotators, rocker shakers, titer shakers and platform shakers. Marshall Scientific at any point in time carries a considerable amount of shakers that are tested to perform at factory specifications. Marshall Scientific carries distinguished shaker brands that include: SP Roto, Labline, Barnstead, Thermolyne, Boekel, New Brunswick, Bellco, Brinkmann, Euro/DPC, Labnet, Drehzahl, Thermo Scientific, VWR, Stovall, Eppendorf, Amerex, and Lab Companion. Please view our inventory of shakers and feel free to give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions.

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Thermolyne Orbital Shaker Model 50800 Thermolyne Rotomix 50800 Orbital Shaker

Thermolyne Rotomix 50800 Orbital Shaker

The Barnstead Thermolyne M50800 orbital shaker offers precise speed settings from 80 to 200 rpm, features a 8.8" x 8.8" platform that accommodates gels, dishes, slides, plates, flasks and test tube racks. Timing indicator with a range of 0 to 15 minutes signals test completion with a soft audible alarm. Designed for long term uniform mixing. Space saving design uses only a small amount of bench space.

Our Price: $495.00
Scientific Industries Roto Shaker Genie Shaker Scientific Industries Roto Shaker Genie Shaker

Scientific Industries Roto Shake Genie Shaker Specifications


5 to 35 RPM


10 to 70 cycles per minute

Rocking Angle

±10 degrees from horizontal

Platform Capacity

4.5 kg (10 lb)

Our Price: $625.00
Labline 1314 Orbital Shaker Labline 1314 Orbital Shaker

Labline 1314 Orbital Shaker

The Labline 1314 Orbital Shaker is ideal for rotating flasks, vials, beakers, Petri dishes, and other sample containers. The 1314 has a 12.5x12.5-inch white silicone nonslip, autoclavable platform, with a load capacity of 10 lbs and a rotating orbit of 3/4 inches. Variable speed ranges from 40 to 220 RPM with an adjustable timer of up to 60 minutes.

Our Price: $495.00
Labline 4625 Titer Shaker Labline 4625 Titer Shaker

Labline 4625 Titer Shaker

The Labline 4625 Titer Shaker is reliable and dependable, combining top-notch and uncompromising quality with an affordable price. The Barnstead Titer Plate Shaker is ideal for virology, immunology, serology and hematology applications. Two plate retaining springs on platform firmly hold one to four 96-well titer plates. White, non-slip rubber platform mat increases sample visibility. Vortexing motion thoroughly mixes every well evenly. Solid-state speed control provides accurate, continuous regulation of shaking speeds from 40 to 1100 rpm with a 3mm orbit. Built-in electrical timer can be set for continuous operation or timed cycles of up to 5 minutes. Unit shuts off automatically at end of time cycle. Four finger slots provide for easy plate removal.

Our Price: $465.00
Deal of the Month Price: $395.00
Money Saved: $70.00
Clay Adams Nutator Clay Adams Nutator

Clay Adams Nutator

The Clay Adams Nutator provides complete mixing of resuspension in one minute without container contents foaming. The tray’s rubber dimple pad both firmly but gently holds 15 or more 7, 10, or 15mL BD Vacutainer blood collection tubes or other similar vessels, separately or collectively. All of the tray's contents are easily accessible, and items may be removed or placed while the nutator is still in motion.

Our Price: $275.00
New Brunswick Innova 4000 Incubator Shaker New Brunswick Innova 4000 Incubator Shaker

New Brunswick Innova 4000 Incubator Shaker Specifications

Temperature Range

5° above ambient to 60°C


25 to 500 rpm, ±1rpm

Platform Size

18 x 18 in

Maximum Capacity

18 x 250 mL flasks on universal platform

Orbital Diameter

0.75 in

Dimensions (W x D x H)

21 x 27.5 x 19.75 in

Our Price: $3,040.00
VWR 3500 Orbital Shaker VWR 3600 Orbital Shaker

VWR 3600 Orbital Shaker Specifications

Speed Range

25 to 500 RPM


1 min to 2 hours

Orbit Size

19mm (0.75 in)

Maximum Load

15.9 kg (35 lbs)

Tray Dimensions

33 x 28 cm (13 x 11 in)

Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)

41.3 x 35.6 x 14.6 cm (16.25 x 14 x 5.75 in)

Our Price: $895.00